Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Everything is TOO FAST..

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Yes, everything seem too fast to me. I fell in love in a very short time, I felt very happy in no time, and I met the man I’ve been dreaming of at the right time. Too fast is not bad.. but sometimes, I am afraid that one day, all of this things will end up so fast. I couldn’t afford any heart break.

At this point of my life, I feel like I want to graduate in college and work and travel around the world then marry and have kids and take care of my family. I keep watching movies that where I could escape because reality is too difficult. But as time goes by, I keep on going with the flow until the time comes where all of my dreams are right in front of me.

As of now, I am excited because finally, I will have my duty in hospitals. I am excited to learn some diseases or disorders that I’ve never known before. I want to start giving medications and taking care of people, especially children. I am excited to get exhausted. I am excited to make a lot of requirements until 3 AM. I am excited to get busy. I guess I just miss my old life.


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