It's 12:21 AM and I am writing.

1:04 AM

Well, a lot has been going on with my life lately. Unfortunately, I haven't shared those stuff here because I'm kinda busy until now but here I am, trying to write. and rant. Shall we start?

The Student Body Election, March 2015

The former president of our college's student body organization asked me to run for the position of secretary and I was really surprised because I wasn't expecting her to talk to me because 1) we're not really friends, we're just acquainted with each other; 2) I wasn't even popular in our college; and 3) I was expecting her to ask some random popular student. Not me. Anyway, I gave it a try. It's my first time to run for the student body in college though I've been the president of our student body in high school. Then I met some familiar faces when our party had already been formed officially. I know our president because he used to be my classmate in one of my subjects. I wasn't familiar with our vice president because he's new to me and I haven't seen her ever since. These two guys came from a very influential family whose relatives are famous politicians. Alright. They really know how to win an election. Yes. Then me, as their secretary: the weird, quiet, shy type, nerd, long-haired, and tall girl who has a boyfriend by her side all the time. Heh. I don't know what else to say but I'm also an honor student ever since I enrolled in my course, Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. Then we have our treasurer, she used to be my classmate in some of my subjects. Then our auditor, our innocent young man and the only person who calls me "ate Far". Then our public relations officer, a male and a female. I know the girl because she used to be my classmate too but I was not familiar with the boy. Then our academic committee, a very famous young lady who frequently joins and wins some pageants (I used to join one too but got only the second runner up place). Then our non-academic committee, she's not also very familiar to me. Then our two sports committee, one man and one gay. I am not familiar with the guy but I sometimes get to talk with the other.

After all our effort, we had won the election, all of us. Wow. Everything I said during the election came from my heart, I really want to serve the students. We celebrated and did our team building at our president's hometown (by the way, hos father's the mayor of their hometown, rich kid alert). We were spoiled and pampered there and got to tour their town's pride. We slept next to each other and had so much fun, well, not for some people. When we got back to work, last April, I have started to feel weird. It's like I had so much realization. At first, I thought I was just being so sensitive because some of the officers talk carelessly that they weren't aware they had hurt somebody's feelings. And some of you guys know me, I wouldn't dare to speak up and tell that person to shut the ef up. Then after that, I tried to forget it because that was a first time, but it happened again and again. I felt so suffocated whenever we had our meeting. And as a secretary, my only role was to record the minutes of our meetings, keep the documents, inform everybody to attend the meeting or else you will be fined 50 or a hundred pesos, etc. I didn't run for my position to serve as a personal assistant to everybody. Like they're asking me for pens (and take note: ALL MY PENS ARE ONE OF A KIND AND EXPENSIVE BECAUSE I LOVE TO WRITE. PERIOD.), they ask me for a sheet of paper, and worst is they ask me to run an errand for them. WOOOOOOW! It's like I have majors to catch up, I have a boyfriend who started to get mad at me because I prioritize my job as a secretary over him, and I have friends that I haven't talked to for a long time and every time we see each other at school, they're like "you're hair's a bit messy", "you look like you haven't had enough sleep last night", "you look so thin, are you sick?" Helloooooo! May I remind you that I am not a slave of everyone? And when the boss is pressured, I am also pressured. Then as I observe my fellow officers, I really saw that everyone don't like our boss. Okay. I'm not gonna tell you that part. Months have passed and This situation went on and on until one day, I finally decided to resign. HALLELUJAH!

It wasn't easy you know, the way I took to quit my job. I just suddenly started to disappear from our meetings, not informing everyone that I couldn't attend the meeting. Then I stopped texting them. Then soon, I stopped reading their text messages (I got them blocked on my phone actually) and group messages on Facebook. Our student body moderator talked to me about it and asked me to attend the oath taking ceremony last July. I was in a dilemma but still he got me convinced to attend, so I did. After that, I haven't talked to anyone of them about my reasons for leaving. Last September 7, I had finally submitted my resignation letter. Yahooooo!

My Upcoming Birthday, September 2015

So..I was kinda sad these past few days because my parents haven't texted me. I think they thought it's okay with me which is really not okay so I decided to not celebrate my birthday. I told my boyfriend about it and he asked why and I told him I am getting old that's why I wouldn't celebrate my birthday anymore but he bought it. But then I wanted to buy balloons and buy a cake for my birthday, etc. sp maybe I will celebrate my birthday. Going back to my parents', well, I think I'm kinda jealous because they're texting my sister and not even bothering to ask about me while here I am, wasting away, waiting for their calls and texts. My real problem was that I have spent my allowance on some fees that I payed at school and I told my mother about it but she hasn't replied for weeks already. Thank God He heard my worries, few days later my brother called me and ran some errand for him then he gave me money. He just saved my life. Then my mother texted that my father will call me to send my tuition and allowance with an "I love you" at the end of her text. And I was like "thank God". So, my father texted me and everything's settled down. I just wanted them to text or call me to ask if I'm okay or stuffs like "how's school?" But nah, they think I just talk to them when I need money, which isn't true. I miss having them around at house. Until now, they don't have an idea that I have a boyfriend that I've been dating for two years already, which is really sad because I really like to introduce him to them. Anyway, that's it for now. Till next time. I hope it wouldn't take me months to write again. Xoxo.

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