So loooooong guys!

1:04 AM

Well, It's been five freaking months since my last post. I've been juggling my studies, personal life, and hobbies as of the moment. Also, my lappy got broken way back January I think but I had fixed it as soon as possible BUT I got so involved in lots of stuff that distracted me from keeping up with my blog. And so here I am, writing again, even though nobody reads my freaking blog. LOL

Anyway, I am currently planning to re-arrange my blog and do some edtting and stuff because I kind of mix my posts and I want to categorize them so that it will be easier for people who are interested in reading my blog to browse my posts. It's currently our finals week and I haven't finished our research paper yet entitled "The Sociological Conflicts Depicted In Step Up Movies" (I know right). So many things to do and so little time left. Good luck to me. Will be writing soon. xx

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