4:44 PM

       I just realized that my original blog looks awful while my other blog looks awesome. I was trying to change my blog's design but it seems like I am too busy to do it. I am busy with playing computer games, downloading stuffs, etc. and going out with my friends and loved ones. I don;t know why I am sharing this with you guys. I think it's just that I think no one reads my blog but hey! I nearly got a thousand views already, who are you people?

       Anyway, this is gonna be my final year in college if I am able to pass all my subjects. Let's say that I am taking for granted my subjects (because they don't seem so challenging to me, let's see!) and my confidence is overwhelming that I am starting to think that I will ace all my subjects this school year, WOW! But really, we're still not done with our research paper (it sucks).

       But since this is going to be my last year in college, I am going to give my best. I will also have my final internship this semester as a student teacher in college. I was really trembling during my first day last May, I think, and I thought I was going to collapse and my students were almost the same age as me but some of them were incoming sophomores. And last but not the least, GOING BACK TO MY "LAST YEAR IN COLLEGE TOPIC", I wanted to enjoy every second of it with my colleague Trisha. Wish us luck!:)

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