Friday, September 30, 2011

One year earlier..

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Honestly, I didn’t enjoy my previous year. It was a year of frustration, full of mistakes and bad experiences but it was full of surprises Open-mouthed smile I couldn’t even remember that I once did have a good time Sad smile I thought when you finally reach the age of 18, you can do anything that you desire but instead I feel like I’m still a kid -- a kid that needs more lessons.


Anyway, I am still thankful to the people who gave me the best moments of my life. I am really grateful that despite my childish attitude, they still learned to accept me. That’s what like in a friend Smile For the people who gave me many worst moments in my life, get lost! thank you. You made me stronger than before. The next time we met, I would kick you ass I’ll make sure to it that I will try to control myself before I do anything that I might regret Open-mouthed smile

I did enjoy my college years, I enjoyed my life having a partner, and most of all I enjoyed the times that we had the best crazy time with my crazy friends.

Thanks for the people who suddenly popped out from my previous years. I don’t have Alzheimer’s Disease or amnesia so don’t worry because I still remember you Smile


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