Monday, October 24, 2011


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Okay, okay.. I got it. I am elected as the Alumni President and now I am so so pressured that I couldn’t barely breath. So? Who cares if I am not going to college as of now? Would I die just because of that stupid issue? And now it makes me unfit to become the alumni president.. oh come on! I have no control of people’s minds, they chose me so don’t be jealous and rude. I’m kinda tired, but thank you because it makes me famous!

I just have to focus on the current projects of the alumni, so if you have any ideas just mail me.. I’m busy searching for few former classmates and schoolmates.

Oh! and I almost forgot.. To my boyfriend: “I think I’m falling out of love. Everything’s fading between us; love and friendship.. The sweetness, the spark I feel every time we kiss, the rapid heartbeat I feel every time I saw you, it’s all gone. But one thing for sure stayed in me, it’s my genuine respect towards you. I loved you like my own husband, cared for you like my own child, treated you like my best friend and I didn’t regret any of those..”

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Class Reunion

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Time flies so fast.. I couldn’t barely imagine. Every time I close my eyes, I still remember every single moment I had in high school. Though not all of my memories are worth treasured, some did give me a lesson to keep.

Do you know how it feels to have a LOT of people that keeps you under pressure? Even though I’m not graduating this coming March, it doesn’t mean that I will never graduate in the future. My mother, she keeps on saying that I SHOULD be ashamed of myself because my colleagues are graduating this March, my cousins have already passed the board exam and they’re heading off abroad. My sister is ashamed of me, I think, because I’ve been left behind by my colleagues. My boyfriend is making me insecure of my colleagues because he wanted me to graduate this March.

A valedictorian, you think, was a loser.. okay? So stop all of this sh*t that I keep on hearing over and over again Steaming mad

P.S. I was so disappointed because among the people that surrounds me, my REAL friends are the only ones that keeps on telling me that I should stay strong and my life must go on.


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