Wednesday, March 21, 2012


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Last March 18, we had a picnic together with my former high school memories. We were supposed to arrive on our meeting place at exactly 12 O’CLOCK but as expected, everybody arrived at 2 PM and we got to our place at around 3 PM. Some of my married classmates joined the picnic, my best friends too are there, and including the not-so-close and only-for-a-moment friends were there. I brought the a DSLR camera and I got only few pictures of mine because I let them use it but it’s ok. Here are some photos that my friends took:


The boys..





Pathrick & Pal Jade (married and parents of one)


(Left to Right) Neza, Me, and Jennifer


I wasn’t really happy (I think) at that time because my EX came and I thought he wouldn’t come. I am not comfortable when I’m with him. I feel like he’s a different person now. He lied and cheated and it’s the last reason why I would broke up with my boyfriend. It’s not my first time to experience being a broken hearted person but “I can’t even cry it's that deep”.. (Thanks 4 Nothin’ – Mariah Carey). Seeing him just makes me sad.. (sigh) I am happy being single, free of possessiveness, free of jealousy, free of insecurities, and free of being cheated.. Only one thing is for sure, this moment made me sick and unhappy..

Friday, March 16, 2012

Field Trip

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So.. I had to accompany my cousin in her field trip, together with her mother and younger brother, and my youngest sister. Everybody should arrive at exactly SIX O’CLOCK in the morning according to the parents’ meeting last Saturday. My aunt woke up around 2 AM to cook for our food and I woke up around 3 AM to prepare my things. At exactly 6 AM, we went to my cousin’s school to wait for the jeepney to arrive and to our surprise, we saw only one parent together with her child, in the school. I thought we will leave at exactly 6 AM. (Note: I forgot my eye liner, foundation, mirror, hair pin, towel, jacket, and most of all, I HAVEN’T EATEN MY BREAKFAST because we were in a hurry!) This is so stupid! We have no choice but to wait for the other parents to arrive. And finally, everybody arrived around 7 AM. What a sched!

During our way to our first destination, Dahilayan (it’s known for it’s zipline and zorbit. They also have bungee jumping, horseback riding, and many more), we took a shortcut because we want to arrive there earlier because supposed to be, we’ll arrive there at around 7 AM but wee left around 7 AM so we arrived at Dahilayan around 10 AM. The shortcut was pretty long, and very dusty. It’s like we were sprinkled by dust in our bodies that was very visible. Ew! The views are great. I took a lot of photos and here are some:


Left to Right: Alyzza, Jamila, Auntie Amalia, Mohammad Ashraf


That’s me! I took this picture when my aunt and the kids went somewhere in the forest park to take pictures with some fake zoo animals.



The Koi ponds  : ) I love watching those big Japanese kois..


The kids with KingKong, small version.


My beautiful younger sister  : )


My hard-headed cousins  : )


Then after Dahilayan, we moved on to our final destination, The CoConut Bay. It looks like an abandoned but functional beach resort. It has two swimming pools, one for the children and one for the adult which is just about 4 feet, and has a slide on it.



                   --- THE END ---

Thursday, March 8, 2012


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My mind is finally clear, free from worries, I don't know.. I am happy, SINGLE.. I won't be jealous anymore, I won't be insecure anymore, nobody's gonna treat me like a fool anymore, and nobody's gonna play with me anymore! I think that's all :)

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