Monday, June 18, 2012

New School, New Classmates, New Number, Old Course

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Oh my, I guess I have to start loving my course. Everybody’s forcing me to continue though I would never commit suicide just because of this unnecessary argument.

I have changed my school due to a certain reason that I couldn’t tell in public. I changed my number because of a person/stalker/an ex.. yes. I think I’m doing the right thing and I’m glad that it helped me to move on Smile and I’m happy, especially my friends. They’re happy that I got over with that two-faced loser..



It was so funny! I got the highest score in English (writing in discipline) though it’s just an activity. Everything’s new to me, new faces, new buildings, etc. I didn’t expect that to happen but still I haven’t made a friend in my first day. It’s okay.



We have this subject called “Humanities” and I guess it would be kinda harder for me because I’m a little bit pressured because of my classmates and our instructor. We have to explain everything until our instructor is satisfied. One day, it was June 14, Thursday.. my class (not the Humanities) was 7 AM and I was late. When I was at the university gate, I was so disappointed to myself because I forgot the damn white form which I supposed to present to my instructor (proof that I was enrolled in that subject) and I was thinking of entering the class without the form but I was thinking too that my instructor might embarrass me in front of my classmates for not being responsible. So, I didn’t went to my class.. I went home. Yes. I know, it’s not Friday the 13th where I was supposed to experience all the bad lucks in the world but no, it’s Thursday the 14th. Ugh.. that day really sucks. Better luck next time.


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