Saturday, September 8, 2012


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Well well well.. It’s been a long time since my last post. I just want to share the changes that recently happened to me. I’ve deleted some of my posts related to my love life but I guess here we go again, posting another story :)

I guess I have already met my MAN.. not a prince, not a boy, not a knight in shining armor or some random guy. We don’t know everything about each other but we’re still exploring. I realized that there are some things that you could only tell once if they ask you. You don’t need to say all the things in your mind or the things about your past because there’s time for everything. I’m happy having him in my life.

I’ve been dancing in the rain alone for almost seven months and I guess I don’t have to dance alone anymore :) The only thing that annoys me is that some people started to show up their hidden feelings for me when they heard about my current relationship. I hate them because I didn’t see them for the last seven months where I was alone and here they are letting me know their heartaches.

I guess my man’s ready for whatever possible problems that we could encounter. By the way, he just finished college and here I am still studying my annoying course.. so I guess it’s just me that has to study harder. Good luck to me.


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