Friday, November 30, 2012

A Week Later

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It’s been a crazy week for me. There are some things that happened related to my personal life. Things that I couldn’t forget. Fear and depression had me up lately. I couldn’t talk straight, I couldn’t focus on my daily routine, I couldn’t look directly to the people in our house, I lost my appetite, I felt terrible every night. Many friends comforted me through text and chat but that weren’t enough. None of them comforted me in person, only one, but I still feel terrible. I’ve never been so brokenhearted like this before. I have this cousin of my mother (my 19 year old aunt) that stays with us before but she visited our house last Wednesday. I told her what happened and I thought I wouldn’t cry because I was trying not to shed a single tear. While I was narrating the story to her, I got teary-eyed and she looked away. I was thinking that she doesn’t know what to do because we’re not really close. She felt sorry somehow and she was also mad at those people who tried to break my personal life. I couldn’t move on, I keep thinking of him and I miss him a lot but I realized something.
I’ve decided to move forward with my life. I am not saying that I would just forget everything that we’ve been through. It’s just that I decided to just keep in my heart and treasure everything we had before. If ever he’d text/call me one day or maybe, see each other someday, I would explain to him everything that’s on my mind so that he would understand. I couldn’t stand our situation, especially when our families are already involved in the issue. I think it’s better if we part ways in a peaceful way, no regrets.. no looking back.

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