City Museum of Cagayan de Oro City

5:38 PM

My classmate and I had a changed of mind today. Actually, I was the one who suggested that we visit the oldest building in Cagayan de Oro City because it was one of our goals since we couldn't find the right time to visit the building. Anyway, it's free and you don't have to buy tickets or something. All you have to do is write your name and address on the logbook that is provided by the staff of the museum.

We didn't bother to take pictures inside the museum but we did take few pictures outside the building. There are many pictures inside the museum entailing the battle that happened in the city during the Spanish and American colonial era. There are also some displayed jars and jarlets, bottles, bowls, etc. that mostly came from China and Thai which was created around 1300s - 1600s if I am not mistaken. There are pictures of the city too, beautifully taken with a very beautiful scene. Now the city's full of buildings and few parks with few people and many cars unlike the mid 1900s. Also, we've discovered that there's a great flood that happened around 1916 which killed thousands of people. It was then followed by cholera that spread like wildfire which killed more people than that of the great flood. Little do we know, lumads predicted that there will be another great flood that would occur after 50 years. 95 years later, typhoon Sendong came and killed a lot of people.

When we went outside, few children of ages 8 - 12 (I think) saw us and went inside too and I think it's their first time too.

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